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Hilary was not born quadriplegic, in fact she was a very sporty child, enjoying swimming, hockey and rugby in particular. If there was a ball involved, then Hilary wanted to play! However, after coming off the hockey pitch with aching knees one day at the age of 11, Hilary was eventually diagnosed with a degenerative disease, which would slowly limit the use of her body as she became older.

Hilary now 41, is quadriplegic and lives near Canterbury with her chocolate labrador Lotti. Hilary has battled with her worsening medical condition for over half her life.

After she became quadriplegic she felt as if she had lost everything she'd ever cared about, from biochemistry to music. An introduction to sailing in 2003 through Westbere Sailing Opportunities provided a fresh impetus and transformed life for Hilary. In her words "It turned a light back on inside me"

In 2005, Hilary Lister made history by becoming the first ever quadriplegic to sail solo across the English Channel. It was the start of a journey, pushing back the boundaries of technology and challenging her body to achieve what many people continue to tell her is impossible!

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