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3rd May, 2012: Sailing Out Of Grain.
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15 January – Pindar Party and Raymarine Breakthrough

I spent yesterday at the Boatshow in London, having been invited by Andrew Pindar. The idea was to have a get-together of Pindar sailors from about 20 years of involvement with sailing, and other watersports. It was great to see everyone, particularly Anna Hemmings. In 2005 we were both nominated for different awards at the Sunday Times Sportswomen of the Year Awards, and both won. My category was for the Helen Rollason Award for Inspiration. Hers was an achievement award. It was a great night for Pindar, and one I certainly will never forget.

It was great to catch up with Brian Thompson and Ian Williamson, sailors from very different ends of the sport. It goes to show how much involvement Andrew Pindar has had with the sport over so many years. I feel extremely honoured to be part of it.

As always at boat shows, time passed far too quickly. It's amazing how many people I meet there who have helped me along a difficult road. It was great to meet up with sponsors from Barton as well as those from Raymarine, Musto and Pindar, who have sponsored me throughout my sailing career.

Raymarine were fantastic when I sailed around Britain, supplying chart plotters and radios amongst other things. I am still using all their kit, which has stood the test of time brilliantly.

Their new range of chart plotters can be controlled wirelessly from an iPhone or iPad. This is a huge breakthrough for me as it means I can finally have control over my own chart plotter, and not have to ask anyone to come aboard in order to zoom in or out, get information on any object on the chart or plan my route with waypoints, to name just a few functions that all sailors use routinely. It makes me truly independent on the water and they have been generous enough to lend me a new E Series plotter so that I can play about at home. I felt like a child in a sweet shop. This development means that controlling a larger boat is also a real possibility. It is so much easier to sell an idea if the technology exists to make it possible. It still leaves many different challenges to solve, but it seems as if technology is catching up with my dreams of sailing a bigger boat solo.

Put simply, Raymarine's new ability to control a chart plotter wirelessly makes sailing any boat completely solo that much more possible.

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