Round Britain Dream

After successfully sailing solo across the English Channel from Dover to Calais in 2005, and circumnavigating the Isle of Wight in 2007, Hilary dreamed of sailing round the British Isles, solo.

In 2008 Hilary and the team sailed from Dover to Newlyn, but she was unable to complete the project that year after bad weather and technical issues hampered progress. It was a tough decision to take, but meant that it was possible to complete the journey in 2009.

On 21st May 2009, Hilary and her team set sail from Plymouth and, after 2 legs, returned to Newlyn to pick up from where she had left off in 2008.

Hilary is once again being supported by Lions Clubs of the British Isles and Ireland.

Click here to follow her progress.

How does Hilary plan to complete the sail?

Hilary is sailing her Artemis 20 using a 'sip and puff' system. She sails around the coast in sails of 30 to 50 nautical miles. Each day the crew aboard her support boat record her finishing position from her GPS, so they can tow Hilary back to the same point on the next sailing day. Hilary is anticipating the sail will take 3-4 months. It has involved venturing both into the North Sea and the Irish Sea, as well as the English Channel. Hilary's route also takes her through the Caledonian Canal.

Each night Hilary is towed into a port. At each port, the shore based team set up camp and wait for Hilary’s arrival. With over 40 stops there is plenty of opportunity to meet Hilary and her team.

Click here to view Hilary's itinerary

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1. When will you be visting or passing Amble,Northumberland

Posted by Kevin Garside on 19-Feb-2007, 19:28:01


Please could you let me know when you will be passing or visiting Amble,Northumberland. It is a seaside town with a marina ( where I keep my boat). I am sure some of us would like to see you and your boat.



2. Good Luck Hilary!!

Posted by Kate on 20-Feb-2007, 12:44:35

Good Luck Hilary!!

3. molded seat

Posted by Cathy Caldwell on 20-Mar-2007, 15:14:31


We just found out that you wll be using our Foam-in-Place Seating system in your voyage. A UK company called Qbitus provided the materials. We would love feed back or if you have any questions please let us know.

What a wonderful adventure that all of us, able or disabled can learn from.

With kind regards,

Cathy Caldwell

Dynamic Systems, Inc.

Leicester, North Carolina USA

4. If only

Posted by Paula Brown on 23-Apr-2007, 19:03:59

I work with head injured people and they are a great bunch. I too am disabled (right knee amputee from motorbike accident many years ago)and people still constantly amaze me by their ability to overcome problems. However there are still those that grumble about the poor deal that life has dealt them and they are very difficult to motivate. Head injury is complicated but I always hope that somewhere in their darkness they can see that there is still life out there and that the only way to look is forward. I will be sharing your story with some of the groups at Headway East Kent in the hope that it may prove to be the motivator that I have yet to have found for them.

5. from dream to reality

Posted by ron porter on 01-May-2007, 18:26:33

Hilary, you are an inspiration! I pray you will realise your Round Britain dream, getting all the support you need. Dreams can come true!

6. Making Dreams Reality

Posted by Rod and Cherry Elliott on 16-May-2007, 09:32:07


What a great idea and you obviously intend to succeed. We will be only to happy to help out in any way we can locally to make your 'voyage' a success. I'm sure that the Lions Clubs around the U K will fully support you and we shall look forward to further news as your plans develop.

7. Beyond Boundaries Live

Posted by Rob Sherwood on 21-May-2007, 16:51:25

hi all. Hilary will be talking at the Beyond Boundaries Live show - a new event which offers disabled visitors opportunities to try new sports, get into work, try new hobbies and test cars on our test track. Hilary is talking at 4pm on Saturday, please see for more info. thanks.

8. Hello from ex UKSA

Posted by Brett Jordan-Davis on 19-Jun-2007, 09:10:25

Hi Hilary, How have things been since I last saw you in May at UKSA? As yet I am still looking for work, a couple of the other guy,s Drew and Andy went to Antibues and have now got jobs !!!!! As It looks like I may be still in this country for a while, If I can be of any help, then please do not hesitate to ask. Bob is on holiday at the moment. I look forward to reading more about your trip in the future. All the very best Hilary and good luck in your dream.

9. How are preparations going?

Posted by Jake Kavanagh on 26-Jun-2007, 16:01:01

Hi Hilary

Long time no speak! Here at Practical Boat Owner Magazine we are still very keen to catch up with your dream to sail around the UK, especially the modifications you have done to your boat. I'm just off for a few days to study ultrasonic antifouling in Spain (I kid you not) but on return, it would be great to see what you've done so far, and then to follow your voyage around the UK with our news section.

Lets just hope this awful weather breaks before you set off!

I'll give you a call in a few days. Wishing you all the best in what I am sure will be a historic trip.

10. Maybe it's just for the fun of it?!

Posted by Sam on 05-Jul-2007, 18:25:32

What fantastic drive you have. You are an inspiration to all. I missed your talk at the beyond boundaries but I love reading and hearing about anyone who makes their dreams come true. Go girl!

JS - If sailing is now Hillary's job and whether it's her skills, personality or her goals that attract her team's support (financial sponsorship or people power sponsorship) to achieve the goals- surely it makes no odds whether it's for her, the team or charity?!

11. Follow your dream

Posted by Peter Dale on 23-Jul-2007, 11:13:16

Hi Hilary.

I have sailed all my life. I learnt to sail at School in Deal Kent, and I have sailed all over the UK and beyond. Sailing gives you freedom, it is as simple as that.

Keep following your dream, just as many able bodied people do.

I will follow your progress with interest.

You are an inspiration to us all .

12. Good on you Hilary

Posted by Victor on 25-Jul-2007, 14:13:36

Sometimes I feel very angry when people complain about life and problems, people like that should meet brave people like you more often to learn that sometimes what seems a problem is just a little pebble on our way.

From a sailor and friend

13. equals in the pond

Posted by Steve Chamberlain on 25-Jul-2007, 20:25:41

Hi Hilary!

Being 38 years young and having accomplished everything I have set out to do, I am soon to set off on what I hope will be a round the earth voyage. This is the culmination of 10 years of dreaming, working and striving towards a goal I desperatly desire. The oceans humble us and unite us, make us both weak and strong and see us as equals upon the waters. Many times we feel that we cannot accomplish a dream, and then we do. Many people strive for success and never see it. You may never have stepped foot into a sailboat prior to getting ill, now, you are one of the masters of the seas. Your efforts and achievements are a blessing to everyone that has a dream to be free and to achieve that which we are told we cannot do. God speed and fair winds on your adventures!

14. please visit Findhorn, Morayshire

Posted by Nick Snow on 29-Jul-2007, 19:43:10

Please visit Findhorn, Morayshire where we would be delighted if you could talk to our local Sea Cadet group. We might also be able to assist / suggest accomodation. Nick Snow (01309 672650)

15. Ahaaar !

Posted by Gregor Minto on 08-Aug-2007, 14:58:51

Best of luck with your preparations and look forward to seeing you off.

From the Pirates in the West Country

16. Hello!

Posted by Dagmar on 11-Aug-2007, 00:44:22

Hi Hilary

We met you briefly tonight on the harbour taxi which took us back to Cowes. I hope you got home safely. You are truly inspirational and please do not hesitate to shout if you need any help you will be on the isle of wight next time.

Best wishes

Dagmar and Mat Turner

Tel 01983 201011

17. Atlantic Challenge

Posted by Simon Cocks on 25-Oct-2007, 15:00:56

I have the upmost respect for what you are doing and the personal goals that you set yourself.

Mr Keith White has just set sail on his disable atlantic challenge more details are on and also he was the first disabled person to sail around the UK including the highland and Islands back in 2005.

Hilary every challenge in it self is a personal goal and should be respected.

Best of Luck with your Personal Goals.

18. Drive and determination

Posted by Phil Wilson on 13-Nov-2007, 15:05:21

Hello Hilary,

wow is all I can say, for anyone to take on what you have set off to do is amazing. Every mile at sea is a treasure I'm sure you know. I feel you achieving these goals inspires able and disabled people alike.

I am a Physio and keen sailor and would be happy to help in any way (live in Winchester). Keep on striving for your goals. ;.)


19. Go Girl !

Posted by Jane on 08-Dec-2007, 11:42:19

I have just returned from Earls court boatshow and saw your amazing boat. I have so much respect for you in taking on such a challenge. I wish you the very best of luck and fair winds for the 'round britain.' Interested to know when and where you will be visiting in the south west of England as I would love to see you sailing.


20. Contribution

Posted by Clive Innocent on 08-Dec-2007, 13:14:53

I can not see how to contribute a donation towards your venture.

It is a pity that I could not see how to contribute at the London Boat show on Thursday. How do I do it now?

Good luck with your venture. It would be enough to encourage others let alone help with other people.

21. Exe Sailing Club at Exmouth

Posted by Bob Green on 13-Dec-2007, 09:55:03

Exe Sailing Club will be very happy to help should you decide to call into Exmouth en route . Please ask kels to em me as I cannot get through on em address given. Bob

22. good wishes

Posted by gary dronfield on 27-Dec-2007, 10:45:01

2007 came and went Hilary like a thunderflash.hope 2008 will be good for you and the Team Hilary-best wishes gary.

23. Fair Winds

Posted by Bob Hoekstra on 06-Jan-2008, 15:18:00

Hilary: I met you briefly at the Earls Court Boat Show and look forward to seeing you again at Excel (if you are going to be there). You came across as a wonderfully charismatic young woman with intense drive, and left me in no doubt that your dream would be realised. All that I can do is wish you well and promise that I will be following your progress.

24. What a prat!

Posted by Ed Hughes on 03-Mar-2008, 13:31:00

I was extremely saddened to see that someone has thought it appropriate to post the last comments. Some disabilities are not obvious to the casual observer. All the very best in your brave venture this year. I sail in the Solent and if I can help in any way whatsoever drop me an e-mail.

Warmest regards.

25. Good Luck

Posted by Jane West on 03-Mar-2008, 16:42:32

Hello Hilary,

You have shown so much courage, I wish you all the best for your new campaign... I hope you will let us cover your story at


26. To try is to achieve

Posted by Emma Hickling on 19-Mar-2008, 09:18:36

Hi, I am the head of a small village school in kent and our motto is to try is to achieve. Your journey and the courage behind it will provide me with fantastic material to inspire my pupils in assemblies! I shall be following your journey with the pupils! Thank you

27. Never give up

Posted by Penny Day on 19-Mar-2008, 17:27:02

I too am head of a village school in Kent and feel very humbled by your ability to never give up. I will be using your courageous story too in assemblies.I am appalled by some of the previous spiteful comments and believe these able bodied people do not have a fraction of your bravery and certainly are unable to enjoy life as you so obviously do because of their unfortunate attitude to life.Good luck in your quest.

28. Message Board

Posted by Tony on 21-Mar-2008, 09:34:39

I'm afraid it's a sad reflection on modern society when people feel it necessary to post negative and spiteful messages on a board such as this.

We welcome and appreciate all the supportive and positive feedback from those genuinely interested in Hilary's remarkable project and the hope and inspiration it will give to many other disabled and disadvantaged people.

However we will now make sure that any derogatory, insulting, or other inappropriate comments are removed from the site.

Thanks for your support.

Tony Leppard/Project Director

29. Post 25

Posted by Ed Hughes on 23-Mar-2008, 10:50:45

My post 25 must now seem most odd without its original predecessor which thankfully has been removed! How are preparations going and is there a target date for the off? All the very best.

30. Doutrinador

Posted by Doutrinador on 28-Mar-2008, 20:34:00

I live in Brazil.

Good Luck ! and a kiss

31. Hilary video interview

Posted by Chris Gosling , UK Boating TV programme on 20-Apr-2008, 12:30:40

I meant to post this link ages ago, but got very busy - it's an interview with Hilary that we did at Earls Court, late 2007.

The interview is also being broadcast on our programme UK Boating on Sky 167, premiering 25th April 2008, and showing 8 times over the subsequent 2 weeks.

We'd like to film a report or two from the trip, too.

32. You brilliant young woman.

Posted by pat nash on 20-Apr-2008, 14:13:33

Just read the Sunday Telegraph. You are so brave and I wish you all the luck with your sailing and everything else in your life. I have a very disabled husband - not quite as disabled as you - and he cannot speak either. He was a great sailor, he just loved it. You are a great girl and deserve admiration and respect from everyone. Hope you have a great sail. Are you calling in anywhere on the East coast?

33. Inspiriation to us all

Posted by John Goodwin on 20-Apr-2008, 20:43:14

What a wonderful brave lady,the Lions Club in Dover I know are looking forward to helping you on your way,I will also have 2 of my friends from America on the Seafront the day you leave,you are an inspiration to us all

34. Aberdovey Yacht Club,Wales

Posted by Lynn Benson on 21-Apr-2008, 12:26:49

We will be very keen to help you in any way we can on your journey. We hope we will get to meet you,too.

Three of us are "Racing the Train"(10K) from Aberganolwyn to Tywyn and we're now going to get sponsors and raise money for you.You'll be a great motivation during the training which this 60 year old is finding very hard!

Hope to see you in the summer.

35. good luck

Posted by CAROLE on 24-Apr-2008, 18:25:40

i wish you well on your very long journey. you really are an inspiration to every one . hope helen takes good care of you as i am sure she will, she is a wonderful caring person who i am sure will be great company for you when on dry land. once again good luck

36. Can we help

Posted by Tony Bartlett on 27-Apr-2008, 21:36:30

Hi Hilary,

The members of Fowey River Lions Club would welcome the opportuity to help your challange shold Fowey in Cornwall be on your list of ports.

Good luck with your dream.

37. Set Goals

Posted by Karen on 28-Apr-2008, 19:44:17

I also suffer from RSD and have since 1988. Yor are amazing and I wish you all the success you desire! For many years I used goals to get myself through but lately I seem to be feeling worse. Thank you reminding me of how important our goals can be toward increasing productivity. Cold is not my friend but I did start kayaking a few years ago and found the pleasure more noticable then the pain while actually out in the cold water's of Maine, USA. My husband just got a new car with a rack so that we can take the kayak to Maine this summer. I was feeling badly and thought I may not be able to do it again but after reading about you I know I will kayaking again. Good luck. I will be checking back to read about your progress.

38. Good luck to Lion Hilary

Posted by Yvonne Medlen on 29-Apr-2008, 15:41:34

Whitstable & Herne Bay Lions Club is proud to have Hilary as one of its members. Members of Lions Clubs International all round the coast of the UK are waiting to welcome Hilary and help her in any way they can. Go for it Hilary - you can do it!

39. good luck

Posted by Charlotte on 01-May-2008, 15:41:56

I think that you are amazing and an inspiration to others with a disability (I have brittle bones disease) I read the article about you on the daily telegraph website. Good luck!

40. A welcome awaits at Hartlepool

Posted by allan henderson on 14-May-2008, 10:20:19

Sitting with Fraser from Hartlepool Lions club who has just told me about your round britain dream I see you plan to visit my marina around early aug. We will endeavour to make your stay memorable and give you and your team the key to

41. How can I help?

Posted by Jan on 15-May-2008, 21:02:28

Anything I can do to help? I live in Gosport Marina - if not can I donate -things or money??? You are an inspiration - go girl!!

42. Good Luck

Posted by Denny on 20-May-2008, 12:02:07

Best of luck to you Hilary. We had the pleasure of meeting Geoff Holt and his team last year when he became the first disabled person to sail single-handed around GB. I think you share the same determination as him. Judging how tired they all looked when they stopped in Wells, it's going to be tough. Good luck.

43. Good Luck

Posted by Lucy on 22-May-2008, 11:24:43

Hi Hilary,

Saw you on TV last night.

As someone with CP before I started full-time work I had a go at sailing, thanks to Chipstead Sailing Club and College in Kent.

I loved it too, even though I did once end up on stuck on a sandbank and pretty wet most of the time. Now redundant after 23 years and looking for work, your dream trip will help keep me positive and motivated whilst re-training and job hunting.

Thanks and best wishes to you and your support team.

44. Good Luck from the Lions Club of Guildford

Posted by Lion Lesley Hamblin on 26-May-2008, 14:49:53

Hi Hilary I had the extreme pleasure of meeting you briefly at the Lions Multiplle District Convention in Aberdeen where you delivered your amazing address. I had never met a quadruplegic and I was totally in awe. I took a copy of the 'Hilary's Dream Trust' brochure to show to the Lions Club of Guildford and although we are land-locked would love to help out in any way we can with your forthcoming sail around the British Isles. Please do ask if you think there is anything we may be able to help with.

45. Good luck from Kirkcudbright

Posted by Jane Forbes on 26-May-2008, 21:56:33

You are a true inspiration and I wish you lots of luck. I hope you might be calling into Kirkcudbright on your way round south west Scotland. If you do come I would love to meet you.

46. Date of the big day

Posted by naomi pegden on 27-May-2008, 21:51:30

Hi Hilary

when are you back in Dover and are you still leaving on 09/06 and at what time, give us a shout if there is anything we can do to help

good luck and take care

Naomi and MO

47. Good luck from Somerset

Posted by Colin on 30-May-2008, 15:37:21

If you find yourself wandering up the Bristol Channel, you can only get into Minehead harbour when the tide's up! Good luck

48. Bon Voyage

Posted by Lynn Gooderson on 01-Jun-2008, 11:31:16

Dear Hilary

Wishing you all the luck in the world. You deserve it.


49. Wow!

Posted by Johanna Sidey on 01-Jun-2008, 22:21:18

Wishing you all the very very best for your trip. I am so impressed. I've sailed since I was 10 and am 36 - after spending 6 months in a hospital bed 5 years ago the best thing was being dropped back into the cockpit of a boat.. I'm so glad you found sailing!! If you need anything in Plymouth, please email.

50. P.S.

Posted by Johanna Sidey on 01-Jun-2008, 22:23:24

I hope you also get to see loads of seals, dolphins, minke whales, harbour porpoises and basking sharks... and you may even bump into a sun fish or a turtle.. Have fun!

51. Good Luck Hilary

Posted by Mary Bartlette on 01-Jun-2008, 22:55:18

I am now living in France but heard about this latest adventure on the Radio. Fantastic. Good Luck.

52. Good Luck Hilary

Posted by Mariners of Bewl on 03-Jun-2008, 15:20:43

Mariner of Bewl would like to wish you good luck and every success on your Round Britan Dream.

53. GO for it!

Posted by Antonia Nicholson on 05-Jun-2008, 14:58:05

Best of luck Hilary and the team, you are an inspiration to all who have met you.

Good to see you looking so well too.

I hope to see you in the Solent soon.

54. Good Luck and Best Wishes

Posted by Stephen Slade on 06-Jun-2008, 14:03:30

I followed your sail accross the English Channel and was amazed at your courage and dedication but your new challenge will raise the bar to new levels of achievement. I hope and pray for a safe journey and will follow your progress on the web site. I live in Scarborough and am friends with Andrew Pindar so hope to see you there as I note you are planning to call into the marina for a break. Stephen Slade

55. Fellow circumnavigator!

Posted by Alasdair Boden on 06-Jun-2008, 15:20:12


I'm currently sailing round britain singlehanded When I finish, hopefull by August 1st I'd like to help out if you need any help on any of the legs.

You're an amazing chick! Watch the tide and wind, neptune isn't very nice!!!

als x

56. Winner!!!!

Posted by Regis Vasconcelos on 06-Jun-2008, 15:50:05

Hi Hilary,

I am Regis from Brasil.

Ability is what you are capable od doing , motivation determines what you do, attitude determines how well you do it.


All the Best

Regis Vasconcelos

57. Admirable

Posted by Ana Paula on 06-Jun-2008, 19:04:28

Hi Hilary,

I am Ana from Brasil. I think you are the best. I´m passing by just to tell you to go for it. Good luck.



58. Go for it..

Posted by tony on 06-Jun-2008, 23:08:14

Wow , what an ability. I know many of us up here at Clynder Scotland will be out in the rain or sun watching for you.. three cheers and go for it girl.

best wishes, Tony.

59. Go Hillary!

Posted by Kiera on 07-Jun-2008, 15:29:07

Good luck Hilary,

I know you can do it!

60. 加油

Posted by Jason 莊 on 09-Jun-2008, 15:26:00

Good Luck !


61. Impossible is nothing

Posted by solomon on 12-Jun-2008, 11:23:24

Hi Hillary


You are really wonderful to make history not only for you but also for all people with disabilities on earth. Yes , i believe impossible is nothing. Iam an amputee and disability activist.

i would be grateful if i could get your email.

God bless you

62. Good luck

Posted by jackie dunn on 16-Jun-2008, 07:57:52

Good luck Hillary. You have guts, determination and are an inspiration to us all. Go for it girl, good luck.

63. Good luck!

Posted by the Redman family on 16-Jun-2008, 08:39:44

Hi Hilary, We're all really rooting for you and will be following your trip online. You are an inspiration. Huge hugs x

64. go for it!!

Posted by helen clark on 16-Jun-2008, 08:54:22

Hi Hilary, i want to wish you all the best on your sail,i felt very humble to have meet you and toby when you interviewed Sean The Salmon Davis. I know he will be looking out for you and the others. I am going to follow your progress with my daughters schools.(it was seans first school)good luck.x

65. Good luck

Posted by Maxine Burch on 16-Jun-2008, 09:01:55

Good luck you brave girlie. You really are quite the bravest person I have ever met and I am glad I had the chance to spend time with you while I was in hospital. Good luck and happy flying :-)

66. Butterflies!!

Posted by Geoff Holt on 16-Jun-2008, 09:06:09

Go for it Hilary, not sure who's more nervous, you or me!! You'll remember this adventure for the rest of your life. Take lots of photo's, make lots of diary notes and just enjoy every minute of it. When you sail past Portsmouth, we're planning to come out and say "hello".

67. With you all the way!

Posted by Peta Stuart-Hunt on 16-Jun-2008, 11:12:23


We have invited you to come to the Liz Earle Ladies Day Reception on 7th August at Skandia Cowes Week - what a reason for sending your regrets!!

The very best of luck to you and the team from

Peta and the Press Team at SCW. xx

68. What a Send Off

Posted by John Davies - Vice Chairman KCC on 16-Jun-2008, 17:07:46

Dover. Sunshine, a good light breeze 3 to 4

some swell and a little choppy. Rousing support from the sixty or so on our boat with cameras all doing overtime. Three cheers and you were away and into the Channel. Congratulations, bon voyage. You are an inspiration to all the young people of Kent and we are looking forward to hearing of your progress.

69. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/CRPS

Posted by Angela Matthews on 16-Jun-2008, 19:19:23

Hello Hilary,

I just wanted to say a big Good Luck and well done for your determination. I also have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy so I understand how much pain you have and admire you all the more. We must all stick together and boost awareness of this terrible condition. I hope you fulfil your dream and I will be there with you every puff of the way. Good on you. Love, Angela from Penzance xx

70. absolutely fantstic!

Posted by jane graham on 16-Jun-2008, 19:21:06

Dear Hilary,

Really good luck for your trip round britain. I am in awe of your determination and ability. As a fellow circumnavigator who went round in 2006, i wish you fine weather, fair winds and some orcas!

i'll be following your every adventure with keen interest...


71. Northumberland leg

Posted by Jenny Turner on 16-Jun-2008, 19:57:44

Hi Hilary-

You won't remember me, but we are (just) related! My father (Pat Percival) was your grandfather, Len Rudd's cousin, in fact Len was Best Man at my parents' wedding in 1944. I think I last saw you at Thelma's in about 1982.

We live in Alnwick, near Amble, and I'd love to see you when you arrive there. Can you let me know your progress?

Very good luck!

72. Wishing you the freedom of the wind

Posted by Claire Morrish on 16-Jun-2008, 20:29:30

Dear Hialry,

Wishing you all the best as you set sail. As I tackle the daily chores and sit awaiting the arrival of number 3, heavy and trapped in the house I will share your dream of riding on the freedom of the wind. You brave and wonderful friend.

Love Claire xx

73. good luck

Posted by stephanie shah on 16-Jun-2008, 20:31:06

good luck you are inspirational and i,m sure you,ll succeed

74. Good Luck & with You All The Way

Posted by Sarah Gisborne on 16-Jun-2008, 20:35:46

I wish you good Luck & will Praying for your Success on your Round Britain Trip I too suffer from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Type 2,am currently going to have a spinal Cord Neurostimulator to Help with My Pain.I am Glad that through your Round Britain Trip & your Bravery that Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is getting Publicity I will be Watching your Trip with admiration for you.Very Good Luck.I again think we should all stick together & Boost awareness of this Terrible Condition.I would be grateful if I could get your E Mail

Wishing you Good Luck

From Sarah & Amy In Hastings East Sussex.

From Sarah & Amy in Hastings-East Sussex

75. Error in Last Post.& RSD

Posted by Sarah Gisborne on 16-Jun-2008, 20:42:11

sorry about the 2 typeing errors from Sarah & Amy written twice don't know what Happened are an Inspiration to me as a Fellow RSD Sufferer

76. Crackers

Posted by Stu Bruce on 16-Jun-2008, 21:24:57

You are of course completely crackers and that alone makes you a diamond amongst coals.All the best from a bloke who gets sea sick on the escalator at tesco.

77. Go Girl!

Posted by Damian Walker on 16-Jun-2008, 23:12:23

You know the old saying "it's not what you do, it's the way that you do it!" Well, you are setting new standards that put us amateur sailors in our place. I hope to see you somewhere down the East coast and maybe at Lowestoft where we are based. You will complete it. Sail on... xx Damian & Jenny on Silver Lady

78. From a HUGE fan in North Carolina

Posted by Joel on 17-Jun-2008, 03:48:54


To say that you inspire me hardly does the statement justice. You make me proud to be a member of the human race. A dose of your infectious enthusiasm and determination would make us all better people.

I won't be able to cheer you on as you set sail from Dover or when you dock home, but I will be cheering so loud across "the pond".

There's no thrill in easy sailing when the skies are clear and blue, there's no joy in merely doing things which any one can do. But there is some satisfaction that is mighty sweet to take, when you reach a destination that you never thought you'd make.

79. You Go Girl!

Posted by Lyn on 17-Jun-2008, 04:01:21


Wow, you are a inspiration to us all.

I wish you great sailing. I will definitely stay tuned. You give us all strength and courage.

80. What an inspiration

Posted by Candace on 17-Jun-2008, 05:27:43

Thank you for all that you do. Sometimes, I feel like the world is collapsing around me and life is too tough. But your life's story is an inspiration to me and encourages me to keep going. I ran my first marathon - a 5K - and was a bit scared about the upcoming half marathon. But hearing your story of victory over defeat pushes me to never give up and never say "I can't".

81. An inspiration to all

Posted by Nicola on 17-Jun-2008, 06:39:25

You are truly inspirational and I wish you the very best with your latest challenge.

82. Where's Hilary?

Posted by Phil on 17-Jun-2008, 07:39:50

How can we track Hilary's progress? How did the start go yesterday? Hungry for info!!

83. Good Luck

Posted by Melanie Cook on 17-Jun-2008, 07:49:33

Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered. William Shakespeare

Lots of luck and big hugs Hilary!

84. Good Luck

Posted by Thomas Greig on 17-Jun-2008, 09:26:09

Good luck - wish you all the best for your trip.

85. Good Luck

Posted by RNLI Lifeboat Station Arbroath on 17-Jun-2008, 10:24:59

Hilary good luck on your trip and i notice from your itinerary that you plan to stop in Arbroath.If we can be of any assistance please dont hesitate to get in touch.

Arbroath Lifeboat Crew

86. Good Work!

Posted by Arron Williams on 17-Jun-2008, 11:34:40

Hi, I broke my neck last september playing rugby and paralysed myself although am lucky enough to have some movement in my arms. I have just got out of hosp ths week and am truely inspired by what you are doing and think its so cool u r doing this. I very much look forward to following your trip as all my friens at Stoke Mandeville hospital who have also recently been paralysed themselves. We r all looking up to you, keep up the good work!

87. Good luck

Posted by Marco on 17-Jun-2008, 11:38:29

Good luck Hilary, you will succeed!!


Posted by Angela Matthews on 17-Jun-2008, 12:49:00

Dear Hilary,

How was your first day? I hope you succeed and realise your dream - I am sure you will as you are so determined. Your pain must be terrible as that is what this condition is all about and I would like to find out how you cope with it. Maybe when you have completed your trip we can talk and discuss your wonderful ability to cope. You are an amazing person and such an inspiration to all, especially RSD/CRPS sufferers. We should all get together to celebrate your success. Good Luck with your adventure. Bless you. I will come and see you in Newlyn. Love from Ang in Penzance x

89. Best of Luck from all at the Ellen MacArthur Trust

Posted by Frank Fletcher on 17-Jun-2008, 16:52:48

So sorry we could not be there to see you off - best of luck from all at The Ellen MacArthur Trust - we will be following you all the way. Take care buddy


90. Suggestion for later

Posted by Richard on 17-Jun-2008, 17:46:03

Good luck on your trip which we have just completed ourselves.

Suggest you look at Whitehills instead of Banff/Macduff since this is fully 24 hours, has great facilities with easy ramp access for boats and cars AND David Findlay - an ex-fishing boat skipper who is harbourmaster - to give advice. A very welcoming place.

91. Nothing is impossible... can I join you next year...?

Posted by Mary Bell on 17-Jun-2008, 20:00:34

Hi Hilary,

Am following your challenge intently. I have spinal injury at C5 level which happened when crashed my car last year.... but am determined that my life is not over it's changed a bit but its not over. I love the outdoors and am soon going for my first sit-ski lesson ( a present from my brave friend for my birthday) Just want to say Hilary that your sense of adventure and shear determination encourages us all to push harder to get the best in life we can have. Will be praying for you. "Its not our abilities that make us who we's the choices we make..." all the best Hilary,

Mary x

92. Brilliant!

Posted by Chris Hespe on 17-Jun-2008, 21:27:37

Hilary - I felt privileged to be on the press boat witnessing you starting the voyage yesterday. It has been a long time in planning, but you have never wavered in your determination to `go for it`. All colleagues at Kent County Council and the Kent Sports Development Unit are rooting for you! We will all be in Dover to cheer you back in a few month`s time!

Best wishes,


93. Fabulous

Posted by Diane Brennan on 18-Jun-2008, 02:12:47

Dear Hilary

You are an inspiration and a fabulous role model . I cannot tell you how your courgae has moved me and humbled me.

You are in my prayers.

Good luck, happy sailing

94. Special

Posted by Rory on 18-Jun-2008, 06:31:21

Fair wind.You have beaten the hardest sea already..fear.

95. Grande...

Posted by Pino on 18-Jun-2008, 07:15:34

Buona fortuna Hilary

Pino from Italy

96. Forza Hilary

Posted by Domenico on 18-Jun-2008, 07:39:58

Forza Hilary...sei tutti noi. Un grande Abbraccio from Italy

97. I Love you

Posted by God Son Ewan on 18-Jun-2008, 08:08:41

I love your sailing and think it is brilliant. Hope to see you soon for sleepover. Love Ewan xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx

98. ;))))

Posted by gab on 18-Jun-2008, 09:22:01

I read the article about you. Good luck! ;))))

99. Auguri

Posted by Giovanni on 18-Jun-2008, 10:18:26

Auguri e buon viaggio. Dall'Italia

100. Forza, Hylary!

Posted by Claudio on 18-Jun-2008, 10:33:06

Good Luck, Hilary! Wind behind!

101. Vola sulle onde per noi!

Posted by Valter on 18-Jun-2008, 11:25:46

Grazie Hilary. Vai e conquista i tuoi sogni!!!

102. Buon vento in poppa!

Posted by Lucio on 18-Jun-2008, 17:06:57

I wish you the best wind.

You are really great, Ciaoooooo

103. BRAVA!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by paolo on 18-Jun-2008, 17:27:59

la tua impresa oggi è su tutti i giornali italiani. durante il tuo bellissimo giro ci saranno con te anche i pensieri di mezza italia!

104. Incredible

Posted by catriona on 18-Jun-2008, 18:39:36

The independence on the water I'm sure is the most incredible feeling. You are clearly an amazing person who inspires those around you to help and support you in this venture...the sheer freedom on the water will be worth every please and thankyou you've requested and given. All the very best from New Zealand.

105. A true inspiration

Posted by Gerard Sheridan on 19-Jun-2008, 03:37:44

Hilary, You are a true inspiration to us all. You're doing more than many of us able bodied sailors choose to do with our time and abilities. The very best to you and your adventure. I'm sure the people of my old home town of Dublin will welcome you warmly. Fair winds and calm seas.


106. from Canada

Posted by Sherri on 19-Jun-2008, 07:16:27

You are a true inspiration on an adventure of a lifetime,with memories to be made.....

YOU GO GIRL!!!! have fun!

107. Best wishes

Posted by Medical Physics on 19-Jun-2008, 08:22:45

Everyone in Medical Physics at the Kent & Canterbury Hospital sends their best wishes.

108. RSD

Posted by Michelle Harding on 19-Jun-2008, 10:29:17


You truly are an inspiration, I have had RSD for two years now and find the progression quite overwhelming along with the pain,to see someone also with this condition acheiving so much makes me feel so much more positive about the future.

Thank you

Michelle x

109. Fantastic!

Posted by Dave Saunders on 19-Jun-2008, 13:18:24

You are a great role model to everyone! Best of luck and safe sailing.


110. Sei un esempio per tutti!

Posted by Massimo on 19-Jun-2008, 13:29:02

Per chi ama il vento e il mare, niente è impossibile. Sei un esempio per tutti. Con affetto Max from Sardinia.

111. You're truly an inspiration to us all!

Posted by Kevyn on 20-Jun-2008, 00:17:11

Hilary, I listened in awe to a feature story about you this afternoon on National Public Radio here in the United States. You're beyond an inspiration, you're a worldwide superhero and historical icon. I'll be there to hoist one in your honor when you cross The Pond.

Fair skies to you and all the best,


112. Sailing Away

Posted by Bradley on 20-Jun-2008, 09:11:21

I heard this evening the interview you did for NPr in the usa. I'm blind and have been toying with the idea of buying a sail boat and learning to sail. You have pushed me towards that dream. Best, of luck, and I will be follwoing your progress.


Fayetteville, North Carolina

113. Do it!

Posted by Iain Christie on 20-Jun-2008, 10:51:37

I remember seeing an icnonic picture of empty wheelchairs lined up along a jetty, their occupants sailing Challengers in the distance and free of the limitations of thier everyday lives...just a great image. I guess that "image" is even more powerful when you are sailing a Soling on such a brilliant voyage!

The very best of luck to you, although somehow with your attitude I don't think you'll be needing anything as trivial as luck! You are an inspiration to everyone, able, or less able bodied.

GO FOR IT!!!! :-)

114. Thinking of you

Posted by Mary and Rodney on 20-Jun-2008, 10:53:30

Thinking of you and wishing you well, hope you are enjoying yourself! If you get blown off course, we will be in Britanny next week! Love, Mary and Rodney xxx

115. brilliant

Posted by Lucas on 20-Jun-2008, 13:15:08

Well done you for taking on this great adventure. I'm very jealous.

Also good to see that you are still as much of an overachiever and as good looking as you were at university!

116. this is loving life!

Posted by Giuseppe Ferrarrella on 20-Jun-2008, 15:07:27

Good luck!

117. Sailor Chick of the Year!

Posted by M on 20-Jun-2008, 15:48:55

Hi Hilary!

You've been named Sailor Chick of the Year!

See today's front page of Sailing Anarchy:

[Ed: link to article - ]

118. An amazing challenge

Posted by Malcolm Eurotek Brighton on 20-Jun-2008, 18:55:57

Thank you for visiting us in Brighton Marina It was a pleasure to meet you. Such positivty should be applauded I just know you will succeed.

All of us here wish you a good and safe passage.

You are an inspiration to us all.


119. Buongiorno dall italia.

Posted by luciano on 21-Jun-2008, 06:38:37

hilary,una buona traversata,sei un esempio per tutti.Da luciano .....roma ITALIA

120. Lost for words

Posted by Brian Whitmey on 21-Jun-2008, 09:25:35

My daughter had RSD/CRPS in her legs for some months. A frightening time for us. Thanks to Dr Lin at Evelina hospital, she recovered and she will be out sailing her Topper at Bough Beech tomorrow. Knowing what I know about RSD and about sailing, frankly, I'm staggered at what you're doing Hilary - words fail me.

This is the first time I've looked over your website and I'll be pointing my duaghter at it when I get home this pm - I'm sure she'll have some things to say to you.

The very, very best of luck to you!

121. We have the same dream.

Posted by Becky and Rob on 22-Jun-2008, 11:27:51

Myself and partner Rob have the same dream, we are sailing round Eastwards, and are having a fantastic time. The weather has not been good to us of late, but we are experiencing people and places we go to. We are on a boat called Zoë-Marie and have a web site, we are rating ports- so that may be helpful to you.

Have fun, we will wave if we see you!

Bex and Rob xxx

122. Good Luck

Posted by peter flutter on 22-Jun-2008, 20:13:06

Hello Hilary We met at the Earls Court Boat Show. Sorry Falmouth is not on your itinery. If you come in

RCYC has a boatman and has all facilities. Any thing I can do to help please call. Fair winds

Peter Flutter TYRIAN

123. Bon Voyage

Posted by Tony Harrison on 23-Jun-2008, 21:07:58

We all enjoyed meeting you at the marina in Chichester harbour on saturday and wish you all the very best for your 'dream' voyage. We will be following your progress with great interest.

Chichester lions

124. My Prayers are with You

Posted by Sarah Gisborne on 23-Jun-2008, 22:01:36

As a Sufferer on RSD Stage 2 & knowing the Pain I Suffer with My RSD I have nothing but admiration for you.I will Be following your Progress every Stage of the Way.I just wish there was more Support in the UK for People with RSD But since seeing you on the Tele I no longer think that am I the Only Person with RSD,I now realise I am not alone.My Prayers are with you all the Way,& I look forward to seeing you Complete your Trip In Due Course.

Sarah & Amy Gisborne -St Leonards on Sea.East Sussex

125. kindred spirits

Posted by Jacquie Dowding on 25-Jun-2008, 20:47:25

Dear Hilary,What energy!Good on you!I'm currently in Lossiemouth,Scotland,resting,awaiting crew and clement weather,for the Caledonian Canal.You see I am also on my way sailing round Britain,on my own boat.I don't have your condition, though I have suffered various illnesses throughout my life and understand your determination.Bloody good for you!Hope we get to meet on voyage.Check out my blogs

126. Fair winds ...

Posted by Peter, Sarah & Ryan Blackler on 26-Jun-2008, 19:33:02

Keep going Hillary, these first stages show just how demanding and worthwhile a challenge you’ve set yourself. You’re an absolute inspiration and our admiration and best wishes are with you every mile

Wishing you fair winds (Easterly would be good right now…) and hoping to be there on your arrival in Brixham or Dartmouth#

Pete, Sarah & Ryan

127. Visit

Posted by Simon & Liz Smith on 30-Jun-2008, 21:44:58

Hi Hilary, well done so far, watching your progress daily. Can we come and visit you this weekend? Any Idea where you might be? We will be camping where ever you are. Give it some puff for us, hope to see you soon,

Love Si and Liz, Eloise and Amelia.

128. GO HIL!

Posted by Jenny Morgan on 30-Jun-2008, 22:40:15

Dear Hil,

Just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world. You are amazing and a real inspiration. Go for it, girl!

Gareth had his gaudy on Friday and says that the powers that be on high table encouraged those attending to support you on your journey. He also said the food was as bad as ever, but there was no welsh rarebit for pudding...! Much love from us all, Jenny xxxx

129. We all should learn from You

Posted by paolo sala on 01-Jul-2008, 07:03:46

Dear Hilary

going to Florence on the 18th of June on a free press newspaper I read the most amazing news abt You and Your dream

I am deeply impressed from Yr will power and determination against all odds to make yr dream come true...

In these world were the Young kids have everything more then ever before Your Idea and Yr courage stands out like no other thing I appreciate and Love Yr strenght

I will follow and wish You the very Best

We need more like You arnd for never say never


130. Good luck - again!

Posted by Ed Hughes on 03-Jul-2008, 16:36:54

Good luck for tomorrow after your recent set-backs. I reckon the tide and wind will be against you initially but both should turn in your favour by mid-day. Maybe you'll be in Portland by then.

131. Good news is rarely broadcast

Posted by Hilary Milne on 03-Jul-2008, 19:45:44

I stumbled across your site tonight and can't help wondering why have I never heard of this trip? Every day we get bombarded by horrible news and yet something like your remarkable sail is nowhere to be found in the newspapers nor on TV. I'll be looking out for you near Aberdeen and wish you fair winds, and hopefully lots of sunny spells.

132. Where are you now?

Posted by mick on 04-Jul-2008, 09:22:35

I've been following your sail and am disappointed that you have not updated your blog since the 27th of June?!

133. Blog Updates

Posted by Lion Tony Wright on 12-Jul-2008, 09:30:40

Fellow Lions in District 105c are interested in your progress & are disappointed that there has been no update since 4 July. Are you still in Lymington? If so this means that you are way behind schedule. Have you any contingency plans to catch up as we hope to see you in August in our territory and are trying to arrange transport etc.

134. Updates

Posted by Tony Leppard (Project Director) on 13-Jul-2008, 22:20:38

Whilst Hilary tries hard to keep her blogs regularly updated, this is not always possible. To say that 'there has been no update since 4 July' is not correct as the 'Track Hilary's Progress' page is updated on a daily basis. The very nature of this project is that it is highly susceptible to weather and other prevailing conditions so our draft itinerary has always been exactly that, 'draft'. Rest assured that any and all delays are extremely frustrating for all of us and every effort is made to ensure that everybody is kept up to date. Thank you all for your continued support.

135. Brixham or Dartmouth..?

Posted by Peter, Sarah & Ryan Blackler on 14-Jul-2008, 19:04:12

Hi there, really hoping to see Hilary sail into this part of the world but will be a little tricky not knowing which port! If you do get a chance (apart from all the other stuff you have to do) to post some information on the likely destination that would be great.

All the best for the trip around Portland Bill and further West.

Pete, Sarah and Ryan

136. Good Luck From Oz

Posted by Crosbie Lorimer, Sydney, Australia on 15-Jul-2008, 12:17:10

All the best Hilary for a magnificent venture.

May you be blessed with fair winds, following seas(well at least for some of your journey!) just enough extra challenges to inspire you to greater heights and a true understanding of what an inspiration you are to those who are following your story from all around the world.

Cheers, Crosbie

137. Good Luck From Oz

Posted by Crosbie Lorimer, Sydney, Australia on 15-Jul-2008, 12:18:19

All the best Hilary for a magnificent venture.

May you be blessed with fair winds, following seas(well at least for some of your journey!) just enough extra challenges to inspire you to greater heights and a true understanding of what an inspiration you are to those who are following your story from all around the world.

Cheers, Crosbie

138. How wonderful to meet you

Posted by Cllr Sandy West Portland Town Mayor on 15-Jul-2008, 18:00:16

Hi hilary, just wanted to say how wonderful it was to meet you yesterday,I will look back on it as the highlight of my Mayoral year. Good luck on your journey and i will follow your progress with interest. You are without doubt a fantastic woman and a real inspration. May you be blessed with fair winds and see you in Dover, best wishes also to your lovely crew who will share this adventure with you. Regards Sandy West

139. Greetings from Glasgow

Posted by Alan Tavener on 16-Jul-2008, 10:22:43

Hello Hilary, we're delighted to hear that it really is happening, and are following your progress with excitement. As Clifford suggested, assuming you don't take a wrong turning up the Clyde, we won't catch up with you in Glasgow, but hopefully somewhere on the West Coast of Scotland.

Alan & Rebecca xx

140. A quick comment from sunny Italy

Posted by Liz on 16-Jul-2008, 15:37:54

Hi Hilary

What determination well done! A sailor myself and suffering from the aftermath of a stroke two years ago, I still cannot get used to being a passenger on board. After reading an article about your challenge in an Italian newspaper today and visiting your website I cannot deny that I cried with joy at your great determination and wish you every success. If I were in the UK I would come and see you in some of the ports you will be visiting on your return home. Pity I can't be there to cheer your arrival. Keep accomplishing your dreams and I will start trying to accomplish mine, I have always wanted since the age of 16 to sail around the world! A spanner got stuck in the works but I have a lot of determination and will use you as my driving force! I wish you every success in all your future sailing accomplishments and send you a big hug Liz and my dogs Luna and Rudy xx

141. good luck

Posted by Glen Tallett on 16-Jul-2008, 21:16:21

Hi, I had met her at Canterbury sailing for disabled and i joined bewl water sailing. I say to her good luck and sorry about problem with techncial hope it fixed. I contuine to support her. I hope i meet her again

142. Boats

Posted by Kiera on 19-Jul-2008, 11:32:56

Hi Hilary,

It is good to see you are on your way again!

love Kiera xxx

143. anyway

Posted by robert cavadini on 19-Jul-2008, 14:26:42

The breathing of the sea is unending, we can take from Him and we allow Him feel within our soul, than we can get emotions anyway, that's all into the eternity of the soul. The sea is the freedom of the the earth and the earth is the freedom of the sea, not instead, anyway.

144. Good wishes

Posted by Nick Day on 19-Jul-2008, 18:13:23

Dear Hilary

You just don't deserve such weather setbacks - I feel sso for you with these continued agonising delays. Knowing you I guess your spirits are undaunted. I've been incredibly busy sonce we last met with practically no free time . . . BUT I will try to catch you in some port or other just to say hi and give you a hug. meanwhile let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

What you are doing is so brave and extraordinary! Why aren't the sailing mags giving you more coverage?!


145. Autopilots

Posted by Angelo on 19-Jul-2008, 19:23:09

Hello. Does Hilary using an autpilot when sailing? Can she turn it on himself? This message board very complicated, lots of long list. Best weather and sailing from Italy.

146. Auto Pilots

Posted by Angelo on 19-Jul-2008, 19:23:55

I apologise, herself not himself

147. The Man in The Pirate hat!!

Posted by Callum Mitchell on 24-Jul-2008, 22:40:14

Hi Hilary, I caught a glimpse of you in Brixam & you commented on my Pirate hat (property of my son, really!!) I'm back home in scotland now & want to wish you well on your voyage. I hope to catch up with you when you come to scotland' I may even wear the hat for effect! good fortune & God speed!

148. To all the crew

Posted by Melvyn Cole on 25-Jul-2008, 14:58:38

Remember to let me know when hou get around the other side of the country so I can come and vit you again with some more Red Cross parcels. Suggestions for the content will be gratefully received.I have put you postion web site on the company computer so I will keep an eye on your progress Best of luck with keel and make sure Jaqui has a good ration of Chocolates

A friend as ever Melvyn

149. Hope your luck gets better

Posted by David Hawkins on 28-Jul-2008, 10:42:12

hi hilary hope it all gets better soon,if i can help at all let me know,david the tall blond one wso,jans got my number

150. Thanks Melvyn and all our other new friends!

Posted by Jacqi ( RBD Road Crew) on 31-Jul-2008, 13:18:22

Hi Melvyn, thanks for the message, we will certainly let you know when we're ready for more supplies!

And thank you to all the wonderful people we have met at each and every stop, your support and and good wishes are vital to us and a constant boost to our moral.

Best Wishes from Jacqi and all of the Round Britain Team

151. challenge opinion

Posted by craig armiger on 01-Aug-2008, 11:54:24

Go for it Hilary

Youre challenge is great enough on its own, the physical ability to complete this is fanatastic on its own. I only hope that it will raise awareness to the rest of the world that anything is possible with the right support and the motivation to make it happen.Good luck to you and all concerned and I will be folowing your progress with great interest and envy.Good luck girl.


152. Sail Safely

Posted by Joyce Hawthorn on 07-Aug-2008, 19:56:37

Hi Hilary

Our son Alasdair Boden has just finished Round Britain Solo - and we have followed his progress along the way. It made us realise how challenging the whole thing is - with the psychological challenges at times greater than the physical ones. We have followed your trip and have enormous respect for your motivation and skill. Good Luck - your determination alone is an enormous strength. We will continue to follow your progress and will celebrate with you when you finish. It really is worth it - keep going.

153. [Webmaster] Apologies for the spam

Posted by Glenn on 29-Sep-2008, 00:35:23

Unfortunately some people seem to enjoy destroying the dreams of others. In my dealings with Hilary, she has more credibility in her little finger than most of the spammers have in their bodies.

For now, the comments have to be closed to allow the spammers to crawl back into their cess pit and torment other people/webmasters.

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