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2 March, 2013 - At Oman Sail
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4 March, 2013 - Talks, talks and more talks!Royal Guard's School - Pupils

It's been a really busy couple of days. Oman Sail have made us very welcome, and we have taken over Zainab's teaching room...

The boat showed up on 3rd March whilst I was talking to children from a local school. There were also a few young adults there with sight problems. I hope that I will get to see their school later in the week.

Toby got the boat set up with help from the GAC Pindar and Oman Sail guys. No one could have been more helpful and gracious.

In the afternoon I spoke to the women's team. They have no conception that what they are doing is so ground breaking. I feel a real affinity for them as we are both breaking down cultural perceptions about what is possible. It was great to be able to take some of them out in the boat and they all had a go sailing using sip puff. No one crashed, or screamed, so that was a success in itself!

Today I spoke to all the staff here at Oman Sail. Despite the fact that people were off on training courses the room was full. Albert was very generous in his introduction, and it seems to have provoked quite a lot of discussion.

In the afternoon I met up with the youth development squad from the Royal Guard School. I then learned that I had "upset" :-) several blind children's parents. The young people had gone home from my talk saying that they wanted to do all sorts of things that would never have been thought to be within their aspirations. I hope that I can upset a few more if I get to go and see their school!

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