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1 September, 2013 - Cardiff, Extreme 40s...


Just a few days before getting the Arty ready to go down to Cardiff, I realised that my overworked, long-suffering batteries were finally unable to hold enough charge to guarantee a full day's sailing. Lotti, Lisa and I found ourselves driving out to Sandwich Industrial Estate to visit the local branch of UK Batteries. The first , provided for free, with no expectations of return beyond a quick thank you on my website, were six years old. They have had a life of abuse, spending up to 18 hours sailing with high loads on them and months sitting uncharged and unloved in containers with huge temperature changes, I thought they had done remarkably well.
When I took them out of the boat on its return from Oman I was amazed to find that, even after months uncharged, they still recharged and even held their charge. They weren't able to guarantee a full day's sailing, though, with the amount of power that this draws from them.

By the time we had figured out what the old battery model number was, I had told all the staff at UK Batteries exactly what I had done to their precious stock last time. Thanks to Toby though, they had been looked after extremely well in the intervening periods.

I needed replacements, and was quite prepared to pay for them, so it was to my utter astonishment Ian remembered me (or perhaps Lotti?) from last time, and was more than happy to give me two new batteries, free of charge.

Once the new batteries had been put into the battery boxes and charged, that just meant a day climbing around "Me Too", padding out the keel box and seat so that it didn't scratch or chip anything and then finding spaces for all the kit that a small boat needs to be assembled (an awful lot!) I tested my new Raymarine kit to make sure I remembered how to control the chart plotter from my mobile phone with enough dexterity to make sure that I wasn't clicking things randomly. That done, we were already to hook up and go…

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