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15 January - Pindar Party and Raymarine Breakthrough
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4 March, 2013 - Talks, talks and more talks!

Oman Sail

With The Oman Sailing TeamToby, Louise and I have come out to visit Oman Sail. My boat was put into a container back in January and is now in the process of clearing customs.

We arrived here yesterday from the UK thanks to the generosity of Oman Air, who are sponsoring our visit and whose crew could not have treated us more kindly.

The little I have seen of the country so far is stunning, and imposing. For the most part it consists of mountains and
rocky desert. Muscat, the capital, is squeezed into a long strip between the mountains and the sea.

It has been great to meet one member of the original Oman Sail team, who were training in Cowes with me back in 2007. The new Extreme 40 teams are all here, including the Pindar boys, who are expediting my boat from customs! The Oman Sailing team were out practising yesterday, so I grabbed the chance to meet up with them.

The boat is still in its container in port, but everyone is working incredibly hard to try to get it ready for tomorrow when I am talking to 2 groups. The first group will be children from a local school, along with some disabled children. This will be the first time that many of them will have integrated. It should provide some lively debate!

The 2nd group is the womens sailing team and the instructors here at Oman Sail. I can't wait to meet such pioneering women, who are pushing the boundaries of what it seen to be possible in much the same way that I have to at home.

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